My name is Frédéric Maschio and I live in a region of France called Haut-Bugey.

I have a diploma of the Armoury School of Saint-Étienne, and I’m registered with the "Chambre des métiers” since 2004.

It’s in 1994 that knives brought me to the forge. I rapidly joined the "Guilde Française des Couteliers Forgerons”, which allowed me to exchange and learn with many members.

Later, I did trainings with "Fer à modeler”, where I discovered Czech forging methods. This gave me a new vision, and brought me to ironwork and furnitures.

All you can see on my website is made by hand in my workshop. I often work with orders, so don’t hesitate to contact me. (By mail, I will give you my contact details). 
Passionate by outside activities, I judge my knives as tools. I like to use them, in order to see how I can improve my models.



La Forge de la Louvière
Frédéric Maschio
Artisan coutelier
Dépositaire des marques de couteaux Opinel et Tojiro
RCS Bourg-en-Bresse 478 314 370
Siret : 478 314 370 00022